Project Heart Beats - Rewards of Resilience

August 25, 2022

This Project Heart Beats, Rewards of Resilience, is a great way to inspire kids to take ownership of their emotions and develop resilience. It is another way you can sprinkle philanthropy into your everyday instruction at school or even at home.

This Project Heart Beats encourages students to research the word resilience and brainstorm ways it can show up in their lives. Suggested websites are included as a starting point! There are open ended questions to get kids thinking about the strategies and tools they use to bounce back from big emotions. Sometimes life can get hard, but we can do hard things. Unfortunately, resilience isn’t something we can just make students understand, they must experience it. That’s where Project Heart can help! Helping others and giving back (philanthropy) are part of a resilience toolkit. Help your students build their own resilience toolkits with this Project Heart Beats!

Once students have a handle on how they practice resilience, they are challenged to explain their resilience toolkit then use their time and talents to share their toolkit with the class or even the school. For students who want to take it further, they can even apply for the Illumination Fund for materials funding to build resilience toolkits as a way to improve health and wellbeing in their class or for the school.

We know your kids have the power to make a difference and we look forward to seeing what they come up with. You can share updates via social media using #myprojectheart #projectheartbeats and @ottercares or email us at

We believe that everyone and anyone can be a philanthropist who can change our world and make it better. That is why we created Project Heart and offer this philanthropy program for free to educators around the world - igniting the giver inside of every student at any age has the power to transform our world in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Project Heart Beats - Rewards of Resilience