Project Heart Beats - WAKE Up!

March 14, 2022

Hopefully by now you are thinking about Project Heart Beats for a variety of topics since they are easy activities you can use to sprinkle philanthropy throughout educational experiences. Even our youngest community members can see needs or problems then use their 3Ts (time, talent and treasure) to make an impact.

It's almost April and that means Earth Day is just around the corner. This next Project Heart Beats is WAKE Up! This one was inspired by a real business and environmental problem, and students are encouraged to come up with solutions using only their time and talents. First there is background on how the WAKE phone case is made, followed by a challenge for students to spread the word about recycling plastic phones cases and keeping plastic out of the ocean. Then we offer workspaces based on the design thinking process for students to record their ideas, make a plan and put their impact into action. 

It would be awesome to see some of those viral social media challenges about doing good, especially on Earth Day. We know your kids have the power to make a difference and we look forward to seeing what they come up with. You can share updates via social media using #myprojectheart #projectheartbeats and @ottercares or email us at 

We believe that everyone and anyone can be a philanthropist who can change our world and make it better. That is why we created Project Heart and offer this philanthropy program for free to educators around the world - igniting the giver inside of every student at any age has the power to transform our world in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Project Heart Beats - WAKE Up!