Is this a Test?: Engaging You Students after Standardized Testing

February 27, 2024

Scantrons, number 2 pencils,'s officially standardized testing season!

You've spent weeks preparing your students for these tests and now, they're ready to show off what they've learned. But what do you do when testing week is over, the nerves have subsided and are now replaced with a desire to engage in activities that go beyond preparing for these exams?

A Respite with Purpose

After the hustle and bustle of CMAS testing, everyone could use a recharge. A great way to re-engage students is through activities that not only foster philanthropy but also instill the values of compassion and empathy. And we have all of that and more available to you for free! 

Our Project Heart philanthropy resources are an excellent way to connect students to learning that goes beyond testing. These hands-on activities encourage students to think holistically about themselves and the world around them. From coloring activities to vocabulary cards, our Project Heart resources give you the tools to spark the conversation of giving with your students in a fun and interactive way. 

Photo by WeAreTeachers

The best part is that these resources can be used as a classroom or individual student level in nearly every educational environment and are a prefect way to re-engage your class after testing week or simply print out and distribute the activities to students who wrap up their testing early!

A Hub of Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Project Heart provides educators with relevant and easy to use materials, resources and activities that help spark the conversation and excitement about philanthropy. And all of the materials are absolutely free. Integrate them into your unique learning environments to best suit your students' needs. 

Check out our ever-growing library of free philanthropy resources!

Go Deeper

Project Heart shows students that they are powerful and important individuals who can make a difference and change the world wherever they are and with whatever they have. No fancy jobs or big bank accounts required - just a desire to help others. Once your students experience what philanthropy is and how it applies to their lives, take the conversation one step farther with action by registering to access our complete Project Heart program. With detailed lessons, interactive activities and tools to help create a classroom service project, our Project Heart program gives you everything you need to grow the philanthropist inside each of your students.

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Channel the Post-Test Buzz Towards Creating Impact!

Don't let the post-testing week buzz fade - redirect it! Seize this opportunity to cultivate a culture of philanthropy and service in your classrooms, because together, we can make a difference, one heart at a time.