Project Heart Beats - NICU Support

February 15, 2022

We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist who can change our world and make it better. Even our youngest community members can see needs or problems then use their 3Ts (time, talent and treasure) to make an impact.

As we strive to add value to your work and make Project Heart more accessible, we're excited to offer a new way of engaging your students in giving back!

Project Heart Beats are easy activities to sprinkle philanthropy throughout educational experiences. Taking around 20 minutes and focused on specific cause buckets, Project Heart Beats introduce students to a real-world problem and then challenges them to think about solutions using the Design Thinking Process. Our Project Heart Beats are easy ways to empower young people to be changemakers no matter where they are at.

In the Springtime we often think about new life so our next Project Heart Beats is A Premature Problem. A quick background on the topic of neonatal intensive care units (NICU) is followed by a challenge. Then we offer workspaces based on the design thinking process for students to record their great ideas (and not so great ideas), make a plan and then put their impact into action. We offer some additional resources with examples from students and organizations involved in the work of supporting NICUs or families impacted by premature births. We hope you'll try it out and show us what your kids are doing to impact this need in their community.

Project Heart Beats - A Premature Problem