Mission Possible: Creating a Personal Mission Statement to Guide Your Philanthropy

June 01, 2024

Have you ever gone on a road trip? You've packed your car, got your bags and are ready to hit the road! You do a quick inventory:

✔️ Snacks

✔️ Water

✔️ Road jams

✔️ Clothes (and extra clothes)

✔️ Wallet

✔️ GPS/Map

But what is the one thing you need to make sure you reach your destination?

✔️ A purpose

Trips require a purpose to help us reach out destination. If we don't know why we're going somewhere, how do we know what to do when we get there? And if we don't know what to do when we get there, how do we know that we were successful on our trip? Maybe your trip was to visit your grandparents - you know the general way there but you are determined to eat grandma's famous apple pie and hear grandpa tell the same stories about his childhood because they're your favorites. You know the reason you are making this trip is to make memories with people who are important to you; memories you will cherish forever. And you know that, once your visit is over, both you and your grandparents will feel loved and fulfilled.

✔️ You know where you're going.

✔️ You know why you're going.

✔️ You know what you will do when you get there.

✔️ You know your trip was successful because of how you and your grandparents feel after your visit.

Believe it or not, creating an impact requires a similar planning process to help you live your purpose. But what does this plan look like?

A Mission Statement: Bringing Your Purpose to Life

Your mission statement is a powerful tool that can help you make a difference in your community and the world.

Think of it as a superhero landing – a clear and concise declaration of your philanthropic desires!

Creating a personal mission statement is an opportunity to explore what makes your heart tick while connecting what you're passionate about to both something you want to help make better and using your talents to create change.

Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement

Here's a step-by-step guide to craft your personal mission statement:

  • Find Your Flame: What issues spark your fire? Jot down anything that gets your heart racing – from endangered species to climate change to local homelessness shelters.
  • Superpower Check! What skills or talents can you bring to the table? Are you a whiz at organizing events? A master baker with a knack for bake sales? Identify your strengths!
  • Mission: Possible! Now, tie it all together! Craft a statement that declares your cause and how you'll use your strengths to make a difference.

Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • "I will use my artistic talents to raise awareness about endangered animals."
  • "Through bake sales and community gardens, I will fight hunger in my local neighborhood."
  • "I believe all children deserve an education. I will volunteer my time to mentor students in under-resourced communities."

Remember, your mission statement is yours! Make it personal, make it catchy, and most importantly, make it something that excites YOU!

Fueling Your Force for Good: How to Use Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement isn't just a cool poster child for your good intentions – it's a roadmap to action! Here are some ways to use it to turn your philanthropic dreams into reality:

  • Decision-Making Made Easy: Feeling overwhelmed by all the worthy causes out there? When faced with a fundraising opportunity or volunteer request, refer back to your mission statement. Does it align with your chosen cause? Is it a good fit for your strengths?
  • Goal Setting Like a Superhero: Your mission statement sets the big picture, but how do you get there? Break down your mission statement into smaller, achievable goals. This could be anything from "Volunteer at the animal shelter once a month" to "Organize a community clean-up drive."
  • Staying Fired Up: Let's face it, even superheroes get discouraged sometimes. When motivation dips, revisit your mission statement! Remember the cause that sparked your passion and the difference you're determined to make.

Easy Ideas to Get You Started:

Need a launching pad? Here are some super-simple ways to activate your mission statement:

Remember, big or small, every action counts! So get out there, use your mission statement as your guide, and start making the world a better place, one good deed at a time!

Get ready to make a difference!

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Together, we can ignite a generation of philanthropic superheroes, one mission statement at a time!

Let's get out there and change the world!