Part 3 - Commit to Action

You’ve seen how your passions connect to needs that you discovered in your communities. Now you’ll create ways you can use your talents to address those needs!

Commit to Action

Using the talents and skills list you made in Part 1 and the Venn diagram and the sentence starters you created in Part 2, now you will think about projects or activities you can create that would help or benefit the need or gap you are passionate about. These projects should be things you can really do, so it’s a good idea to dream big and start small. Download the activity sheet to capture a few ideas and then choose one you can commit to doing, this is how you will make your Project Heart come to life!

Note to facilitator/support person:

Help kids to focus on projects that are realistic in implementation and that address a real need they have identified using their talents. Remember to use that project ideas page linked in Part 2 if you are stuck. You can also get inspiration from the short “My Project Heart” videos on YouTube.

You have successfully identified a way to take action with your Project Heart! Now you know a little more about yourself, how to use your 3Ts and you’re more aware of the needs in your neighborhood, school and larger community. We are so excited to hear the projects you have come up with and watch them come to life!

If you are learning within a public, private or charter school, and have a teacher or leader who can write a letter of reference, then be sure to apply for the OtterCares Illumination Fund.

Note to adults:

Want to share Project Heart with your favorite educator? Copy this link! Any educator can download the full Project Heart program for their grade, at no cost, and inspire even more young people to be philanthropists and change-makers, today! Visit our Resources page to find more ways to share Project Heart!

Together we can Ignite Tomorrow Today!