Project Heart for Clubs

Project Heart for Clubs is a toolkit to teach elementary-aged students about philanthropy and guide the through designing their own impact projects.

How does Project Heart work?

Any program staff or Project Heart student alumni can facilitate learning of philanthropy using Project Heart for the club setting. By introducing the language of giving back, identifying needs we observe around us and leveraging personal passions, any kid can be a change-making philanthropist. Project Heart for the club setting equips small to large multi-age K-5 groups with the framework and tools to invite community members into their space and then send their gifts out to the world. After implementing an impact project, the final lesson is devoted to celebrating accomplishments and making connections for the future.

How do I use Project Heart?

Facilitating Project Heart in the club setting is easy! If you run a daily after school club, 20-30 minutes once a week is all it takes for young philanthropists to make an impact in as little as 10 weeks. If you only meet once or twice a month for an extended time, lessons can be combined and a service project can be accomplished in as quickly as 4-6 weeks. Teachers and youth program providers who implement Project Heart with a group or a class tend to embody the qualities quickly, developing an empathy advantage. We see students are more aware of others’ needs around them and more willing to use their time and talents to solve problems with a little more kindness than before.

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