Project Heart for Clubs Resources

Thank you for registering for Project Heart! Here you will find all of the lesson plans, worksheets and PowerPoint slides for the Project Heart education program.

Lesson 1 encourages kids to connect to philanthropy in their own lives and create a gift for someone else using their 3Ts.

Lesson 2 helps kids see it to be it! Guest philanthropists are invited in for conversations.

Lesson 3 introduces the vocabulary words of philanthropy then guides kids to use their curiosity to discover needs in their own communities.

Lesson 4 allows time to review the words of philanthropy and then invites kids to tap into their own personal passions and use those to decide on a need they want to meet together.

Lesson 5 brings in the design process so kids can begin to deepen their empathy for the recipients of their Project Heart impact project.

Lesson 6 is all about beginning with the end in mind through SMART goals and finalizing an action plan.

Lessons 7 and 8 include group check-ins and actions teams doing the work needed to complete their Project Heart impact project. Resources are provided to support this open ended problem solving through the lens of the design process.

Lesson 9 is all about celebrating accomplishments and expressing gratitude for others who helped along the way.